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Communicable Disease

The Communicable Disease program at the Seneca County General Health District is responsible for the prevention and management of infectious diseases in our community. This is accomplished through case identification, investigation, surveillance and education.​

A communicable disease is an infection that is spread by coming in direct contact with someone or something that has been infected with bacteria, a virus or a parasite. People, animals, water and food are common sources of disease.

Disease Reporting

Certain diseases, called reportable communicable diseases, are required by law (Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3703-3-01 through 3703-3-31) to be reported to the local health department. The law requires all labs, physicians and other healthcare providers to report all confirmed and suspect cases.

What does the health department do with these reports? All reports are reviewed. Some reports are only used for statistical purposes, but others require further investigation to determine the source of the infection to prevent the further spread of the infection.

All information reported is kept confidential.

Click the button below to see a list of reportable diseases.(Updated 1/29/2020)

How to Report a Communicable Disease

All Class A diseases are to be reported immediately by telephone: (419) 447-3691 ext. 6337. Ask to speak to the Communicable Disease Nurse.

On evenings, weekends or holidays, contact the Seneca County General Health District’s Health Commissioner via the Seneca County Sheriff Office at (419) 447-3456.

​All Class B diseases are to be reported by the end of the next business day by secure fax: (419) 447- 0872.

You may use the Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease Form below.

Class C diseases (outbreaks, an unusual incident, or epidemic) are to be reported by the end of the next business day by telephone.

Forms for Reporting:


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Monday – Friday
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(419) 447-3691 ext. 6356
Ask to speak to the epidemiologist



 Communicable Disease