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Emergency Preparedness

The Seneca County General Health District is responsible for preparing its partners and the community to respond to adverse events that affect the public’s health in our community. Emergency preparedness activities and exercises are planned in cooperation with the public, the health care system, and safety and non-governmental organizations in Seneca County.

Preparedness Begins at Home

Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility! Take small steps today for a safer and more prepared tomorrow. Click on the link below from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to learn more about preparing yourself for an emergency.

Various resources from FEMA are here to help you better prepare for a specific natural or man-made emergency.

Seneca County Alerts

The Seneca County Emergency Management Agency provides emergency alerts to anyone who lives, works, or regularly visits Seneca County. Seneca County WENS system will provide you with emergency notifications to your mobile device as well as to your email and landline telephone.

Click here to register for free today.

Seneca County Medical Reserve Corps

Want to make a difference in your community?

Become a part of the Seneca County Medical Reserve Corps, a local network of volunteer medical professionals, public health experts, and non-medical citizens who together help make the community stronger and healthier during disasters and every day.

  •  MRC volunteers are trained as part of a team and work within their community’s health, preparedness, and response infrastructures to help meet local medical and public health needs during emergencies.
  •  MRC volunteers also promote preparedness in their communities to improve everyday health, reducing potential public health risks and vulnerabilities.

To join Seneca County MRC, visit

For more information about Seneca County MRC, call (419) 447-3691 ext. 6333



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