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Home Water Quality

A private water system is any water system other than a public water supply system that provides water for human consumption. The most common examples of private waters systems include wells, hauled water systems, cisterns and drinking water ponds. The construction, alteration or sealing of a private water system will require a permit from the health district. Only registered water system contractors may construct, alter or seal private water systems, drill water wells, and install pitless adapters.

The health district permits new well construction and alterations to existing systems. We also conduct water sampling for personal use and for real estate transactions . We do not regulate or inspect systems that are used only for agricultural purposes.

Well Water Interpretation Tool

Need help understanding your well water test results? OSU Extension has created a website to help well owners understand their lab test results. You’ll also find information on well maintenance, what to do if your well water is contaminated and who to contact for assistance.

Click here to visit the website.



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