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Lead Abatement

Ohio SCHIP Lead Hazard Abatement Grant (Medicaid-funded)

The SCHIP lead program has funding available to remove lead paint hazards from homes built before 1978. This program is statewide and available in every Ohio county. The goal is to help protect families with Medicaid-eligible children and/or Medicaid-eligible pregnant women against the dangers of lead paint hazards. While funding is provided by Medicaid, the program is administered by the Ohio Department of Health. The program gives priority to homes where children have been lead-poisoned and have lead hazard control orders. Given the high demand for SCHIP, new applicants may be placed on a waiting list. For more information, contact ODH at 1-887-532-3723 or 614-644-0220.

Ohio Lead Abatement Tax Credit Program

The Ohio Lead Abatement Tax Credit Program provides a state income tax credit to Ohio property owners who incur qualifying lead abatement costs in connection with an eligible dwelling. The tax credit is capped at $10,000.00 per taxpayer and per eligible dwelling. The program is jointly administered by the Ohio Departments of Health (ODH) and Taxation. To apply, contact ODH: (614) 466-1450. Eligible costs are:

  • Costs incurred for lead risk assessments conducted by an Ohio licensed lead risk assessor
  • Lead abatement projects conducted by an Ohio licensed lead abatement contractor or lead abatement project designer.
  • Clearance examinations performed by an Ohio licensed lead risk assessor, lead inspector, or clearance technician; and/or
  • Relocation costs incurred in the relocation of occupants of an eligible dwelling to achieve occupant protection.


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