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(Fostoria, Dec. 30, 2022) – At a special meeting on Dec. 29, the Seneca County Board of Health voted to issue an intent to deny the 2023 operating license for Sunny Farms Landfill.

This vote does not deny the landfill’s operating license outright, but rather initiates the process required by law to deny the license. The Health District must notify Sunny Farms Landfill in writing of the Board’s intent to deny.

Sunny Farms Landfill will then have 30 days to request a hearing. If a hearing is requested, the Health District will schedule a hearing open to the public and provide at least 20 days’ notice of the hearing. If Sunny Farms Landfill does not request a hearing within 30 days, the board must then formally vote whether to proceed with denying the 2023 operating license.

No meetings or hearings are scheduled at this time.