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Beginning Monday April 17th, there is potential for the migration of odors beyond Sunny Farms Landfill’s property line.

According to information from the facility, odors may come from work that is set to begin on the Landfill Gas Collection & Control System (GCCS).

The work includes the installation of additional vertical landfill gas extraction wells within the existing limits of waste. This project will involve drilling and trenching into soil cover and previously placed waste to install gas collection piping.

Although excavated boreholes will have air collection applied and trenches will be backfilled with soil throughout the working day to prevent the migration of odors, this project has the potential to cause odors beyond the landfill property line.

It is anticipated that this project will last approximately 6 weeks, according to the landfill.

SCGHD will continue to sample for offsite H2S (hydrogen sulfide) gases. If you smell odors, please call the odor complaint hotline at 1-866-419-8639.